A Step Towards


As Mauritius' biggest retail company, we are very much aware of our impact in terms of electricity, water and gas consumption as well as solid and liquid waste production.

Since the beginning of our sustainable journey, we have set up precise KPI tables to be able to measure and monitor our malls’ daily consumption:

Harnessing solar energy with PV Farms at Bagatelle Mall, Phoenix Mall, Kendra & Les Allées

FY23 Target
0 MWh

yearly representing the monthly consumption of 1,625 households (due to PV panels relocation)

0 MWh

yearly representing the monthly consumption of 1,722 households

0 MWh

yearly representing the monthly consumption of 1,628 households

Our 7 malls sort their wastes

We have implemented a "sorting at source" system throughout our portfolio since December 2021. Tenants in our malls now have designated areas with specialized bins for disposing of waste such as plastic, glass and paper. Food tenants also have separate bins for organic waste to prevent cross-contamination.

Waste recycled from July 2022 till May 2023

  • Paper
    0 tons
  • Glass
    0 tons
  • Plastic
    0 tons
  • Wet waste
    0 tons

Smart water solutions at Bo’Valon Mall

From July 2022 to June 2023, our Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) at Bo’Valon Mall has efficiently treated an impressive volume of 16,000m³ of wastewater, equivalent to the water consumption of 1600 households. The recycled water from our STP is intelligently channelled to irrigate the lush greenery surrounding the mall, effectively preserving the same amount of fresh water every month.

In addition to our STP, we have implemented a complementary water conservation measure within the mall premises. Our system captures and collects water from washbasins, which is then intelligently redirected for reuse in the flushing system of our toilets. This approach ensures that water is utilized efficiently, promoting responsible water management throughout the facility.



Coming next: The Biogas project, a pilot station at Bagatelle Mall, will use food waste, organic waste, oil and cardboard to create high-quality compost and methane gas which will be used to produce electricity.

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